These days, all you need is a smartphone and a few retouches to take great photos. Yet sometimes it can be tricky sifting through the many options out there when choosing the ideal platform for editing your photos. To make it easier for you, here’s a quick rundown of the 5 best apps for editing photos on your iPhone.

These apps feature tools for making basic adjustments such as size, sharpness, and contrast. There is also the option to add filters and effects to your images. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, these apps can be very useful thanks to their ease of use, functionality, and versatility. You may already be aware of some of them, but who knows – you might discover a new favorite app for retouching your photos.

Right, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. Vsco Cam
  2. Lightroom CC
  3. Darkroom
  4. Snapseed
  5. A Color Story

Vsco Cam

VSCO Seal.svg Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

I’ll let you in on a secret: VSCO Cam is my favorite app in this list. And I’m not alone: Influencers like Dulceida use this app on a daily basis to create content for their social networks.

So what’s so special about it? The biggest plus point of this easy-to-use app is its wide range of filters. From traditional to contemporary, you can find the filter that fits your style and brings out the best in your photos.

This app also allows you to make basic and more advanced adjustments to the image. Why not try adding some graining to give your photo a vintage feel? Or do you need to make some perspective corrections? VSCO Cam has got you covered.

What’s more, the app’s gallery is truly inspirational. This is where you can create a profile, upload your favorite photos, follow other users, and sign up for photography competitions.

So what does it cost? While VSCO Cam is a free app, you can purchase a membership that gives you access to special presets, advanced editing options, and much more.

Lightroom CC

1051px Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC logo.svg Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Have you ever heard of Adobe Lightroom CC? It’s one of the most popular digital development and photo editing apps for desktop. Fortunately for us, Adobe decided to release a free version of this program for IOS. Though it doesn’t share exactly the same features as its older sister, it has proven to be a success with users.

Lightroom gives you a rich selection of options for editing. You can use an array of features such as color and shadow adjustments, contrasts, HDR, and filters to bring your photos to life. Everything is packaged in an elegant and simple design, too.

As well as providing a wide range of settings, Lightroom CC can be used as a camera and capture RAW images, where you can also modify the ISO, speed and aperture directly from your phone. And as shown in the image below, the app will integrate perfectly with the operating system of your iPhone, allowing you to use shortcuts, widgets, and loads more.

Finally, you can find interactive tutorials and lessons guided by photographers in this app.

IMG 3826 Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

So what does it cost? Lightroom is free, but you can also make in-app purchases to expand your editing options and gain access to Adobe features such as Creative Cloud Storage and Adobe Sensei.


DR5 Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Darkroom has made a good name for itself among photography fans. Professionals have been impressed by its sleek design, awesome features, and more.

As well as having all the necessary tools to retouch any photo, this platform has been seamlessly integrated into IOS (and iPadOS, where it’s also available). Some of the biggest plus points include shortcuts, split view, and the ability to edit photos without having to import them beforehand.

Another definite advantage of Darkroom is the ability to edit photos and videos in RAW, which is very important for professional photographers or those of you wanting to enter that world.

In short, Darkroom is an intuitive and easy-to-use app that leaves no stone unturned. It’s recommended for anyone, but especially for those of you wanting to take your photography a little more seriously.

So what does it cost? The app is available on a subscription basis with prices ranging between between €4.49 per month to €44.99 for a lifetime plan.


unnamed Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Snapseed is one of the most popular editing apps on both Android and iOS. This Google application is free and provides users with all the basic tools they need, such as adjustments for brightness, size, saturation, and contrast as well as smart filters for vintage, black and white, and many other styles.

It’s a very simple platform to use. While the available options may not be as advanced as those from other applications on the list, this functional app is great for those of you who don’t have as much experience with photo editing. You have access to a large number of filters, brushes to correct details, and another big bonus is that there’s no advertising. Woop!

So what does it cost? It’s completely free!

A Color Story

A Color Story Logo copy Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

So far I’ve told you about the best applications that take a traditional approach. With A Color Story, your experience will be rather different. While this app features conventional editing tools, its strength is in the amount of filters and effects that allow you to turn your photo into a completely new image. Whether it’s highlights, bubbles or even confetti, there are plenty of presets to choose from to give your photo that special final touch.

Another advantage of this application is that you can design a grid for Instagram. By linking your account, you’ll be able to view your previous posts and preview future ones to ensure that your feed is flawless.

What does it cost? The basic version is free. You can get the premium version from €5.59 per month to €29.99 per year.

So there you have it – the crème de la crème of the photo editing world for iPhone. I hope this list helps you find what you need to turn your photos into breathtaking images.

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